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Visiting a Specialist

Your Clinic Visit

Welcome to our information page for Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOC) patient visits.


Our SOCs are located at the Main Building, the Integrated Building and the Medical Centre. To find your way to the clinics, please click here.

Operating Hours

​Monday to Friday ​8:30am - 5:30pm
​Saturday (For certain clinics only) ​8.30am - 12:30pm
​Sunday and Public Holidays ​Closed

If you require medical attention urgently, our Emergency Department is open 24 hours daily.

Make, Change or Cancel Appointment

Consultations with our doctors are strictly by appointment only.

To make, change or cancel an appointment with our Specialist Clinics, you may:

Appointment Centre Operating Hours

​Monday - Friday ​8:30am - 5.30pm
​Saturday ​8:30am - 12.30pm
​Sunday & Public Holidays ​Closed

If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, please reschedule or cancel the appointment.

What to Bring

Please bring along your:

  • Identification card (e.g. Singapore NRIC, Birth Certificate if you are under 15 or Passport and Employment Pass / Work Permit / Dependent pass)
  • Medical benefit cards (if any) (e.g. Civil Service Card, blood donor card, etc.)

If this is your first visit, please bring along the items listed above and:

  • Referral letter from your polyclinic / other healthcare institutions/ private doctor
  • Medication, if any
  • X-ray and investigation records (within the last 6 months), if any

At the Clinic


You may register by:

  • Through Health Buddy App using your mobile device at least half an hour before appointment time
  • Through the Self-Registration Kiosk available throughout the hospital and clinics

Please inform the counter staff of any changes in your address and/or contact numbers. You may also update the information yourself via SingHealth HealthBuddy App Personal Profile.

After registration, do ensure you complete your pre-consult tests, if any. You may wish to browse through reading materials made available at the clinics while waiting to be seen by the doctor.

Some of our clinics are also equipped with basic medical devices for you to check your blood pressure, height and weight. Do feel free to try them and let our staff know if you need assistance.

The Q-System screen will prompt you when it is your turn. Kindly proceed to the room as indicated.

Waiting Time

You may have to wait for more than 30 minutes before being seen by the doctor. This happens when consultations of patients ahead of you take longer, or doctors are attending to emergencies in the operating theatres or wards. There will also be situations where you may have to wait for your laboratory results to be ready before being seen by the doctor.


Click here for Outpatient Charges.

If you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, you are eligible for government subsidies if you:

  • Do not choose your specialist, and
  • Are referred by a polyclinic, or
  • Are referred by a public hospital where you are a subsidised patient, or
  • Are a CHAS cardholder referred by your CHAS doctor.

Otherwise, you will be classified as a private patient.

Subsidised Patients

Patients may not be attended to by the same doctor for every visit. Should the patient request for their preferred doctor, they may do so with the understanding that they will be charged as a private patient.

Private Patients

On the occasion where your preferred doctor is unavailable due to an emergency, another doctor will be assigned to you. We apologise for this occasional inconvenience, and are happy to re-schedule your appointment at your request.

Patients are classified as 'private' as long as the doctor is requested for by name, regardless of their source of referral. Non-residents who are classified as non-subsidised patients are subjected to a 20% surcharge, which will be levied on all investigations and treatment procedures.

Book Your Next Appointment, Confirm Medication Order and Make Payment

  • Book your next appointment for a follow-up consultation where applicable. You will receive an SMS notification/Push Notification (in HealthBuddy App) with the appointment details.
  • Confirm medication order for the medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • Make payment for the clinic visit and medication where applicable.

Payment Options

Please feel free to check with our staff if you would like to have more information on the payment options. You may settle your bills using the following modes:

  • Payment via SingHealth HealthBuddy App Mobile Pay, using credit/debit cards (VISA or MASTERCARD) or ENETS Direct Debit (Internet Banking)
  • Pay Online using VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards at ePay
  • DBS Bill Payment Service: DBS Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or PayLah
  • NETS or credit cards (VISA or MASTERCARD) at our designated Self-Payment Multipurpose Kiosks located in the hospital
  • Sign up for iPAY at our clinic counter to authorise CGH to charge the bill to your credit card, GIRO or staff benefit card (only applicable to Civil Service concession card or SingHealth Staff benefit card)
  • AXS stations located islandwide. An AXS station is located at our hospital near 7-Eleven at Main Building Level 1.
  • NETS Self-Services Stations located islandwide.
  • Cash, NETS, credit cards or personal cheques at our clinic counter.

For information with regards to the use of Medisave for medical expenses, please refer to the MOH Medisave website.

Collect Your Medicine

You may visit the outpatient pharmacies to collect your medicine. At the pharmacy, our staff will counsel you on the proper use of your medications, including any possible side effects and precautions to take note of.

Location and Opening Hours:

Pharmacy @ MC, CGH Medical Centre Level 1 Pharmacy B, CGH Main Building Level 1 Pharmacy @ IB, CGH Integrated Building Level 1
​Monday to Friday ​8:30am to 7:00pm ​9:00am to 7:00pm ​9:00am to 7:00pm
​Saturday ​8:30am to 1:00pm ​9:30am to 3:00pm ​9:00am to 1:00pm
​Sundays & Public Holidays ​Closed ​Closed ​Closed