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Trauma Surgery

Our Care Team

Our Location
Changi General Hospital, Medical Centre, Level 3 Clinic 3C

Changi General Hospital (CGH) Trauma Service handles a high volume of cases on an annual basis from mostly automobile and height related accidents. Our trauma surgeons are trained to provide care for patients afflicted with multiple injuries. They collaborate closely with other disciplines such as the intensivists, radiologists as well as allied health care workers (i.e. social workers and physiotherapists) to deliver care for patients.

Our surgeons provide care for common general surgical conditions and perform diagnostic endoscopy for evaluation of gastrointestinal tract conditions.

Aside from clinical work, our trauma service also organises yearly symposiums for health care professionals to provide latest evidence on treatment and management goals.

Clinical Services

  • Providing multi-disciplinary care for patients with multiple traumatic injuries
  • Collaborating with other institutions and maintaining the Trauma Registry
  • Quality Assurance activities
  • Continuing medication education for health care professionals


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