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Head and Neck Surgery

Our Care Team

Our Location
Changi General Hospital, Medical Centre, Level 3 Clinic 3C

The Head and Neck Surgery Service by Changi General Hospital (CGH) provides treatment coverage for most conditions affecting the head and neck region including cancers, thyroid disorders and salivary gland diseases.

Our Head and Neck Service offers a one stop solution with individualised consultation from one of our specialists followed by investigations tailored for you. Our doctors are trained in the latest minimally invasive technique for surgical management of thyroid diseases.

Apart from focusing care on the head and neck region, our clinicians also deliver care on general surgical conditions.

Clinical Services

  • Same day clinical and biochemical assessment of thyroid nodules (benign/cancer)
  • Early radiological assessment of head and neck conditions
  • Evaluation and treatment of neck nodules including lymph nodes and thyroglossal cysts
  • Management of benign thyroid disorders and cancers
  • Minimally invasive thyroid surgeries (endoscopic/ robotic)
  • Management of cancers involving the head and neck region
  • Management of benign salivary gland disorders and malignancies
  • Multi-disciplinary care for all head and neck cancers including thyroid malignancies


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