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Clinical Services

Our Care Team

Our Location
Changi General Hospital, Integrated Building, Level 2

Geriatric Medicine provides the following services:

Inpatient Services

Geriatric Medicine inpatient service spans five acute geriatric medicine wards. We also support St Andrew’s Community Hospital in the running of a subacute ward with plans for a second subacute ward by the end of 2019. Each ward contains 32 beds in The Integrated Building of CGH.

Geriatric Medical Centre

The Geriatric Medicine Centre (GMC) is made up of the outpatient specialist clinic as well as the Geriatric Day Hospital.

Apart from the general geriatric clinics, the following sub-specialty services are also available:

  • Memory Clinic
  • Falls Clinic
  • Parkinson’s Disease & Continence Clinic
  • Elderly Stroke Management
  • Palliative care

Interface Geriatrics

Interface geriatrics involves working across specialties for the betterment of elderly patients. The numbers admitted to acute medical beds are growing faster than any other age group, making effective acute geriatric assessment and care more important than ever before. Apart from the conventional geriatric medical model, the department also provides comprehensive geriatric assessment and care in other domains below:

  • Orthogeriatric Interface
  • Surgical Liaison, and
  • Emergency Department Interface

Community Geriatrics

CGH has a strong foundation in collaborating with community partners, services and facilities. Such examples include Our Tampines Hub, Hospital- to-Home (H2H) Programme as well as the EAGLEcare Programme (Enhancing Advanced Care Planning, Geriatric Care and End of Life care in the East).

Our Geriatricians also visit CGH-affiliated nursing homes and community hospitals on a regular basis to review patients’ medical conditions and optimise their care. Patients benefit from the convenience of not having to visit the hospital to receive specialised healthcare, thus doing away with ambulance transfers, long waiting times and unnecessary hospital admissions.

Palliative Care

The CGH Palliative Care service provides consultation services and a weekly outpatient clinic for patients with advanced cancers, end stage organ failure or severe infections. The CGH Palliative Care service also helps with the control of difficult symptoms, complex psychosocial issues and terminal discharge in patients with advanced life limiting conditions.


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