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ReXilience® Services


Through our organisational-care services, organisations will be able to develop a sustainable psychological support system for staff in peacetime and crises.


ReXilience® Service: Capability Development for Workplace Psychological Resilience

Summary​The ReXilience® Service: Capability Development for Workplace Psychological Resilience is for organisations who are interested to build a psychologically resilient workforce, and to manage the psychological impact of critical incidents within the workplace.

This service will guide organisations through a successive process to establish a robust psychological support system, applying the principles adopted from the Business Psychological Resilience Programme (B-PREP).

The estimated duration of the service is 12 to 24 months and consists of sessions* (maximum of 3 hours per session).

  • Each session is conducted In-person or Virtual 
  • Additional meetings, ReXilience® courses and talks may be added at CGH prevailing rates. 
  • * Number of sessions required shall depend on the needs of the organisation
Recommended for
Organisations that are interested to develop and sustain an internal psychological support system to build resilience and provide psychological support to staff.


For more information on the ReXilience® Services for your organisation, please drop us an email at with your name, contact number and organisation name.

We aim to respond to your query within 3 working days.