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Success Stories

​Blood Warning Technology with Continuous Haemoglobin Sensor (2021)

The Blood Warning Technology with Continuous Haemoglobin (BWATCH) sensor is a biomedical sensing, monitoring and alerting device that detects active re-bleeding at the site of venous catheter extraction. The use of BWATCH augments the process of regular inspection and allows medical staff to attend to more urgent medical needs.

The real-time monitoring system can provide timely intervention from medical personnel, thus reducing the probability of negative consequences.


Shimadzu-CGH Clinomics Centre (2021)

A satellite laboratory of CGH, initial operations at the Shimadzu-CGH Clinomics Centre (SC3) will focus on developing and validating clinical applications and research to improve clinical diagnostics, which lead to better clinical care for patients with hypertension and other chronic diseases. Leveraging the technology of liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and powered by analytical intelligence, the SC3 seeks to improve clinical diagnostic accuracies for patients.

The SC3 will improve the turnaround time and clinical diagnostic accuracy of diseases such as hypertension and other endocrine conditions in adults.

Syringe Brake (2020)

The syringe brake is a disposable contraption that can be easily attached to the plunger of the syringe after loading the drug. It aids users in drug delivery through a hard-stop mechanism, with each numbered brake corresponding to a volume of 1mL. The brakes can be snapped off in 1mL adjustments, allowing for dose titration. Breaking off two brakes would allow the plunger to deliver 2mL of the drug.

The design of the syringe brake appeals to the user as it does not affect the current manoeuvrability or handling of the syringe during drug administration. By providing an easy slot on design to the syringe, it aids users during medication delivery thereby, enhancing patient safety.

Insulin Guard (2019)

Reported errors in administration or wrong dosage of intravenous (IV) insulin can lead to adverse consequences, including severe hypoglycaemia and even death. The insulin guard is a safety cap fitted onto Actrapid insulin vials to aid users with the use of the insulin syringe only while withdrawing insulin from Actrapid vials.

This enhances patient safety as the insulin guard only allows for the use of the insulin syringe for insulin withdrawal. It also supports the insulin administration procedure.

Self-Empowering and Enabling Kiosk (SEEK) (2017)

The Self-Empowering and Enabling Kiosk (SEEK) is an automated health monitoring system to complement patient care. As a one-stop kiosk, it allows patients with well-controlled chronic diseases to measure physiological elements such as blood pressure, height and weight and features a customised questionnaire. This reduces the frequency that patients need to consult their doctors, thus reducing waiting time.

SEEK is a convenient platform situated at community areas where patients can monitor their health. It empowers and enables individuals to take charge of their health by regular self-monitoring. SEEK will also complement office-based physician consultations.

Textured Modified Food (2016)

Dysphagia has been associated with poor nutritional status. Among the elderly, poor nutritional status is consistently associated with increased risk of adverse clinical outcomes, both in terms of morbidity and mortality. The modification of food texture reduces the risk of choking and provides a nutritionally balanced diet that is culturally appropriate.

Singapore is experiencing an ageing population with longer life expectancy. It is therefore crucial for the elderly to maintain good health with optimal nutrition. As chronic illnesses become more prevalent, the number of elderly with dysphagia is expected to increase. Ready-to-eat textured modified meals will meet the nutritional requirements that are convenient and economical for caretakers and patients with dysphagia.

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