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Office of Innovation

At the Changi General Hospital Office of Innovation, we aspire to discover innovative solutions that enable better delivery of care for our patients, and better support for our healthcare providers across the continuum of care from hospital to home and the community. Be inspired to challenge possibilities with ideation, explore perspectives with prototyping and transform experiences with innovation.

The Office of Innovation facilitates projects through ideation, prototyping, implementation as well as co-creation, to deliver user-centric solutions that matter to our stakeholders, including healthcare providers, industry partners, our patients and academic partners.

We run workshops and consultations on Design Thinking, provide access to funding opportunities, prototype resources and guidance for projects, provide healthcare technology translation to facilitate the bridge between basic research and/or proof-of-concepts (TRL* 1-3) as well as industrial healthcare needs (TRL* 8-9).

*TRL refers to Technology Readiness level