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Preparing for Admission

When you are admitted to the hospital, we hope to get you settled and feel comfortable as quickly as possible. Admission is usually done in A&E or the ward.

​What to Bring

Please bring along the following in their original form:

  • Admission Authorisation Form
  • NRIC / Birth Certificate if under 15 years old / Passport if not Singapore citizen,
  • Medical Benefits Documents (if any)

If you are a civil servant or Singapore Armed Forces personnel, please bring along:

  • Civil Service Card (CSC)
  • Medical Benefits Identification Memo (MBIM)

If your employer provides medical coverage for hospitalisation, please bring along:

  • Hospitalisation Identity Card
  • Letter of Guarantee

If you are holding a work permit / employment pass, please bring along:

  • CPF membership card
  • Valid work pass,
  • Letter from employer, if applicable

If you are using Medisave to pay for your hospitalisation, the Medisave account holder should bring his NRIC.

If you are a blood donor or nominee, please bring your Blood Donor/Blood Donor Nominee Card.

If you are a kidney donor nominee, please bring your Kidney Donor Nominee Card.

** For your comfort, please bring along a pair of comfortable non-slip slippers to move about in the ward. You may like to bring some personal toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb. If you prefer not to wear the hospital’s pyjamas, you may also bring your own pyjamas or dressing gown.

Choice of Accommodation

We offer the following types of accommodation:

A 1-bed ward
One bed per room, air-conditioned with attached bathroom facilities, television and telephone.

B1 4-bed ward
Four beds per room, air-conditioned with attached bathroom facilities, television and telephone.

B2 6-bed ward
Six beds per cubicle, with natural ventilation and common bathroom facilities

C ward
Open wards with natural ventilation and common bathroom facilities.

Choice of Bed

The hospital will try to provide you with a bed in the ward type of your choice. If your choice is not available during admission, an alternative will be offered to you. You will be transferred to a bed in your ward type of choice once it is available. However, non-residents and patients admitted due to industrial accidents are only eligible for private wards ie. A1 or B1 ward types.

Request for Change in Accommodation

You may request to switch ward type at any time during hospitalisation. Just approach your ward nurses to arrange it. If you request to switch from a private ward (A, B1) to a ward with subsidies (B2, C), you will have to be financially assessed by our hospital's medical social workers.

Hospital Charges

CGH offers a choice of both private care and care with government subsidies for patients utilising our outpatient and inpatient services. The schedule below outlines charges and estimates for accommodation, consultation fees, and medical procedures.Financial counselling is available for all patients.

              Ward Type
Single bed
Up to 4 Beds
Up to 6 Beds
Open Ward
Daily Room Rate  
Standard Ward
Singapore Citizen From $508 From $260 From $83 From $43
Permanent Resident From $508 From $292 From $151 From $96
Others From $508 From $334 From $295 From $245
Day Surgery Private Subsidised
(Singapore Citizen / Permanent Resident)
a. Bed From $168 $51 / $93
b. Recovery Lounge $44 $33
Specialist Consultation Fee Private Subsidised
(Singapore Citizen / Permanent Resident)
  First Visit $113 - $146 $38 / $57
Repeat Visit $78 - $107 $35 / $56
Attendance Fee $132
Consultation Fee $38 - $146

* Effective 1 July 2021

Please note:

  • All prices shown include GST. GST is absorbed for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents eligible for subsidised treatment related services and / or for those who are staying in B2 and C ward types.
  • Hospital charges shown above for B2 and C ward types for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are based on the maximum subsidy level.
  • Hospital charges for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents admitted to subsidised B2 / C ward types will be based on the patient's subsidy entitlement.
  • Specialist consultation fees for Singapore Citizens who qualify for subsidies are based on the minimum subsidy level.
  • Specialist consultation fees exclude joint consultations.
  • Charges may differ for non-residents.

Click here for information on hospital bill sizes on the Ministry of Health's website.