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Inpatient Charges

CGH offers a choice of both private care and care with subsidies for patients utilising our inpatient services. We also provide financial counselling services for inpatients, and have included in this website an online schedule of charges and estimates for medical procedures.

Inpatient Charges


Daily Room Rate

Ward Type
(Single Bed)
(Up to 4 Beds)
(Up to 6 Beds)
(Open Ward)
Standard Ward
​Singapore Citizen​From $539.00​From $275.55From $57.00​From $43.00
​Permanent Resident​​From $539.00​From $309.87​From $142.00​From $96.00
​Others​​From $539.00​From $354.28​From $305.83​From $247.29

*Effective 1 Jan 2023

Please note:

  1. All prices shown are inclusive of GST. GST is absorbed for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who are eligible for subsidised treatment related services, and / or for those staying in B2 and C ward types.
  2. Hospital charges for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents admitted to subsidised B2 and C ward types will be based on the patient's subsidy entitlement.
  3. The rates indicated for B2 and C ward types are estimated based on the maximum subsidy level for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  4. Specialist consultation fees exclude joint consultations.
  5. Charges may differ for non-residents.

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