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Your Hospital Stay

Thank you for choosing Changi General Hospital as your medical treatment centre.

To help you arrange for your admission to the hospital, you will find some general information in this section on our procedures and policies. You will also find details of services and facilities that we provide to make your hospital stay a comfortable and convenient experience.You may also find out more about our hospitalisation process and things to note when you are hospitalised.

Pre-Admission Services

If you are scheduled for surgery, you may need to undergo some routine tests prior to your admission. If you have an existing medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes, which may increase the risk of complications during the operation, you may be required to undergo a review at our Pre-Admission Anaesthesia Clinic (PAAC).

If you are taking any medications on a regular basis, please bring them along in their original dispensed packaging for your doctor's review. Where possible, we’ll try to do these tests on the same day after your clinic appointment.

The estimated cost of your planned admission can be found at Admissions Buddy*.

Access Admissions Buddy* here

*Singpass Required

Choice of Accommodation

We offer the following types of accommodation:

Ward Type ​Layout ​Aircon ​Personal TV/Telephone ​En-suite Toilet
​A1 ​Single Room ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes
​B1 ​4-bedded ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes
​B2 ​4 to 6-bedded* ​No ​No ​No**
​C 6 to ​8-bedded*, open ward concept ​No ​No ​No**

*some wards may be configured differently
**with shared bedroom facilities

Choice of Bed

The hospital will try to provide you with a bed in the ward type of your choice. If your choice is not available during admission, an alternative will be offered to you. You will be transferred to a bed in your ward type of choice once it is available.

Request for Change in Accommodation

You may request to switch ward type at any time during hospitalisation (subject to availability). Please approach our care team to make the arrangements. If you request to switch from a private ward (A, B1) to a ward with subsidies (B2, C), you will have to be financially assessed by our hospital's medical social workers.

Inpatient Charges

CGH offers a choice of both private care and care with government subsidies for patients utilising our outpatient and inpatient services. The schedule below outlines charges and estimates for accommodation, consultation fees, and medical procedures. Financial counselling is available for all patients.

Click here for Inpatient Charges.

When you are admitted to the hospital, we hope to get you settled and comfortable as quickly as possible. Admission is usually done in the Emergency Department or the ward.

What to Bring

Please bring along the following in their original form:
Patient Type Documents Required
​All Patients
  • ​Admission Authorisation Form
  • NRIC / Birth Certificate if under 15 years old / Passport if not Singapore citizen,
  • AND
  • Medical Benefits Documents (if any)

If your employer provides medical coverage for hospitalisation, please bring along:

  • Hospitalisation Identity Card
  • OR
  • Letter of Guarantee
​Civil Servants / Dependants
  • ​Civil Service Card (CSC)
  • Medical Benefits Identification Memo (MBIM)
​Work Pass Holders
  • ​CPF Membership Card
  • Valid Work Pass,
  • Letter from employer, if applicable

For your comfort, please bring along a pair of comfortable non-slip slippers to move about in the ward. You may like to bring some personal toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb. If you prefer not to wear the hospital’s pyjamas, you may also bring your own pyjamas or dressing gown.

Admission Day


Visiting Hours

Our visiting hours are from:

Monday to Sunday (including PHs): 12:00pm to 2:00pm, 5:00pm to 8:30pm

After visiting hours, visitors will be asked to leave the wards and all ward doors will be locked.

Please refer to this page for more information.

In The Ward

During your stay at the hospital, you will be attended by a multi-disciplinary care team of doctors (comprising medical specialists, medical officers and house officers), nurses, and allied health professionals.

​The daily routine in the ward includes activities such as ward rounds by doctors, medication, meals, visiting hours and bedtime. However, this routine may vary as laboratory tests, x-rays, treatment and other procedures will take place when required.
Our dietitians specially plan all meals served in Changi General Hospital. All Muslim meals are halal. Special diets are also available for patients who need specific diet control. Feel free to approach your ward nurses if you need to arrange for a consultation with our dietitians.​
​A bath towel is provided for you in the ward. Patients in A1 and B1 wards will also receive a toiletry pack containing the basic amenities. Shampoo and shower gel are available in the shower rooms in all wards.
​Please switch your handphone to silent mode and moderate your tone of voice when speaking so as not to disturb fellow patients. For equipment safety, please do not use a handphone within two metres of any medical equipment in the ICU.
​CGH does not accept responsibility for the loss of any personal items, including but not limited to cash, jewellery, mobile phones or other personal articles on our premises unless they are placed in our safe or given to us for safekeeping. To avoid property loss, we recommend that you bring only essential items to the hospital. You should only keep only a small amount of money in the room to pay for small purchases, if necessary.
​Patients in private wards will receive a copy of the newspaper of your choice daily. Newspapers are also available in the Patient’s Lounge.

Leaving the Hospital Premises

As your safety and wellbeing is our utmost concern, please remain in the hospital premises till your discharge. If you wish to leave the ward for any reason, please inform the nurse. Patients who wish to be discharged from the hospital against doctor's advice will be required to sign an AOR (At Own Request) form.

Discharge Procedures

Once you have recovered, your doctor will advise you on when you may go home. Upon confirmation of your discharge, a Patient Service Associate will arrange your follow-up outpatient appointment. Before you leave, your ward nurse will also give you your discharge summary and digital medical certificate (digiMC).

The hospital’s discharge time is 11:30am (before lunch). An additional charge may be imposed for discharges after 11:30am and a full day charge may be imposed for discharges after 5:00pm. If you are waiting for someone to take you home, you may do so at the Discharge Lounge, which is available to patients at no additional charge.

Collection of Medication

Upon discharge, you will be given a medication collection slip.
Please collect your medicine at the following locations:
- Main Building, Pharmacy B (Level 1)
- CGH Integrated Building, Pharmacy @ IB (Level 1)

Find a Support Group

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, consider joining a support group to meet other patients, and understand your condition better.

Click here to see a list of support groups organised by CGH.

AIC Link @ CGH

Located at level 1 of CGH Main Building (opposite Emergency Department), AIC Link @ CGH is a one-stop centre for our patients and caregivers. Here, you can find out more on the various grants and schemes available for your loved ones.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At Changi General Hospital (CGH), we strive “To Deliver the Best Patient Care with Passion and Empathy”.

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