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Patient Care Through Video Consultation

Given the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic situation, one of the steps taken to minimise the risk of infection is the introduction of video consultation for selected patients to replace face-to-face consultation at the hospital.

Our healthcare professionals will assess the medical condition of patients in consideration of the possibility of offering video consultation services. If you are our patient with an appointment scheduled for a face-to-face consultation at the hospital and have not been contacted by the hospital about conversion to video consultation, do keep to your scheduled appointment at the hospital.

To enable video consultation to take place, you will need a computer, smartphone or tablet equipped with a microphone and web camera. The Zoom application used to facilitate the video consultation will need to be downloaded and an account created ahead of the video consultation.

As with face-to-face consultation, patient confidentiality will be maintained at all times for video consultation. If you have been identified for video consultation, please observe the following steps:

Prior to Video Consultation

Step 1: The healthcare professional will seek your consent for a video consultation to be scheduled.

Step 2: After you have provided your consent, a short message service (SMS) text from the hospital with details of the date and time of the video consultation will be sent to your mobile phone number registered with the hospital.

On the Day of Video Consultation

Step 1: 10 minutes prior to the scheduled video consultation, you should log in to your Zoom account and enter the Meeting ID and Meeting Password sent to you via SMS.

Step 2: The video consultation will proceed at the scheduled time following verification of your identity* by the healthcare professional.

*You (the patient) will need to have your photo identification (i.e. National Registration Identity Card, Employment Pass, or passport) ready for display to the healthcare professional when asked. To facilitate this process, the Zoom account should ideally reflect your full name.

After Video Consultation

Step 1: You will receive information of your follow-up appointment via SMS.

Step 2: If you have medication prescribed, you will receive an SMS text prompting you to place your medication order via the Health Buddy application where you can select your preferred delivery date and payment method (go to “Medicines Order Service”, select “Deliver/Collect My Medicines”).

*If you have insufficient long-term medication to last you at least one week, please let your healthcare professional know. Our care team will contact you by the next working day to inform you of the delivery details and payment method for your medication.

Step 3: Payment for your consultation can be made online. You will receive an SMS text at 8pm prompting you to make your payment via the Health Buddy application, as well as an original tax invoice of your hospital charges via post.

If you have presented a medical benefit card / used Medisave during your previous visit, you will be billed for the video consultation under similar arrangements. Please let your healthcare professional know if you would like an alternative billing arrangement for your video consultation.


Some important points to note:

  • Should you feel unwell before the scheduled video consultation, please seek medical attention immediately from the nearest polyclinic, general practitioner (GP) clinic, or Emergency Department.
  • Please keep strictly to the scheduled appointment time for the video consultation. Otherwise, you may need to schedule a replacement appointment.
  • The video consultation is strictly an interaction between you and your attending healthcare professional.
  • Patient confidentiality will be maintained at all times. The hospital will not conduct audio or video recordings of your consultation with your attending healthcare professional. Similarly, we seek your understanding in refraining from recording the video consultation.


Tips for a good video consultation session:

  • Be in a quiet environment with appropriate devices on hand. Find a room with little to no background noise, and use headphones or an earpiece with a microphone for better audio quality.
  • Ensure that you are in a room with good lighting, especially on your face. Ensure that you are not in shadow and avoid having any light source shining at the camera from behind you (i.e. backlighting). If your location is dark, we highly recommend the use of supplementary indirect lighting to render your facial features visible.
  • If you are using a tablet / smartphone for the video consultation session, please use something other than your hands to prop up the device to improve image stability.
  • You should use a stable, secure source of Wi-Fi connection if available (e.g. your home network) in lieu of 4G network connection, to conserve your mobile data usage.