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Athlete Pre-Participation Screening

In rare instances, exercise can be related to sudden abnormal heart rhythms, death in athletes with undiagnosed serious heart or other health problems. It is also helpful to have a general evaluation of your health status before starting new exercise programs. It is therefore important to identify any underlying problems through a pre-participation screening.

Singapore Sport and Exercise Medicine Centre @ Changi General Hospital (SSMC@CGH) offers the following Athlete Medical Screening packages:

Package Type Athlete ​ ​
Screening Components
Young Athlete Pre-
Screening - Classic 
(15 to 35 Years Old)
Athlete Pre-
Screening - Classic 
(Above 35 Years Old)
Deluxe Pre-
Screening (All Ages) 
(15 Years Old and Above)
Consultation (1st Visit)
Consultation(Repeat Visit)
Lipid Profile
Renal Panel I (Urea, Na, K, Cl, Creatinine, Glucose)
Liver Panel I
Resting ECG
2D Echo (Full)
Chest X-Ray
Stress Test (Treadmill)
Full Blood Count
Urine FEME

Important Notes:

  • Screening packages expire within 3 months of first appointment date.
  • Fasting is required for all screening packages. Please fast for at least 10 hours (i.e. no food or beverage is allowed, with the exception of plain water).

To register, please call our Appointment Centre at 6850 3333 for an appointment. Please bring along your identity card on the day of your appointment.


Athlete Pre-participation Screening FAQs

  1. Who is this screening for?
  2. This screening is for anyone who participates or intends to participate in competitive or recreational sports, and would like a more thorough battery of tests to identify potential exercise risks so that appropriate measures can be promptly taken. Although relatively thorough, the screening packages will not be able to completely rule out all underlying risks.

  3. Why is this screening necessary?
  4. In rare instances, undiagnosed underlying heart conditions may trigger sudden cardiac death. Pre-participation screening seeks to uncover the majority, but not all of such conditions.

  5. How to do it?
  6. You may make an appointment by calling the CGH Appointment Centre at 6850 3333. State that the appointment is for the Athlete Pre-participation Screening, either the Classic or Deluxe. You will go through a consultation with the doctor to review and determine your health status and fitness levels. Please bring along your identity card on your appointment date.