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Reconstructive Urology

This subspecialty involves surgery to restore normal anatomy and function where substitute tissue may be used in these procedures to restore the diseased tissue. This involves the harvest and manipulation of suitable tissues or organs. An example would include the reconstruction of a new bladder using intestine tissue, which may be reconstructed to the native urethra or to a continent diversion (e.g. Mitrofanoff).

The various types of reconstructive surgeries performed include pyeloplasty, cystoplasty, urethroplasty and correction of penile curvatures. Ureteric strictures have been successfully managed by minimally invasive techniques such as endoscopic balloon dilatation. Complex ureteric strictures may need reimplantation or reconstruction.

We have experience in reconstructive surgery for conditions such as complex urethral strictures. Other forms of reconstruction work include bladder reconstruction after radical cystectomy with continent- bladder pouches and orthotopic bladders.