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Nurses are our everyday heroes; the heart and soul of healthcare. At Changi General Hospital (CGH), our nurses aim to provide a safe environment and collaborative care for individuals of all ages, groups, and communities. Our nurses go through a holistic and comprehensive training programme, equipping them with the skills to provide care for each nursing specialty. Through their constant interaction with patients in prevention, treatment, recovery and education of various conditions, our nurses are able to improve patient outcomes every day.

With Singapore's ageing population, there will be more people with chronic diseases, and an increasing need for the healthcare workforce to care for these conditions. Nurses have to continuously enhance their practices through innovation to streamline the delivery of care. Innovation in nursing is about identifying the needs and challenges faced by nurses, and exploring technological solutions or improving processes to address these challenges. Innovation is at the core of CGH nursing, and we are on a constant mission to improve our patient care and services through new, creative and effective ideas. CGH nurses are motivated to engage in innovative practices as they seek to improve the delivery of care for better patient outcomes and experiences.


Every nurse is a leader transforming lives through nursing excellence


We are committed to providing the highest standard of nursing care in a culture of collaboration, respect and trust.

Taking the lead in various services, our nurses have the autonomy and scope for decision-making for our nurse-led services. From being responsible for the planning and monitoring of care, to acting as advocates for patient cases, CGH nurse-led services often encourage collaboration of multi-disciplinary teams to provide better patient care.