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Medical Social Services

Illness and disability are often accompanied by psychological and social problems. As such, some patients may require psychological support and assistance to help them cope with their medical conditions and related psychosocial problems. The Department of Medical Social Services helps patients’ access appropriate resources in the community to help them overcome practical problems such as finances, employment, and home care needs.

Our Medical Social Workers work together with a multidisciplinary care team, community partners and families to provide care for the patients within and beyond the hospital.

The outpatient Clinic at Medical Social Services provides support for individuals and their families with their illness-related financial, behavioural and caregiving issues, as well as counselling for patients with mental health and interpersonal problems. The clinic operates on appointment basis.



This service is for patients suffering from cancer, permanent disability, loss and interpersonal relationship problems. Health change conversations are used with patients suffering from chronic diseases

Crisis Intervention

For patients who have been assaulted by their spouses or family members, or who have attempted suicide.

Discharge and Care Planning

This includes assistance regarding finances, housing, placement in nursing homes, special equipment needs as well as providing family mediation and advocacy on behalf of patients and their families.

This service also includes referral to and liaison with rehabilitation facilities and community support services, as well as coordination of post-hospital care plans to reintegrate the patient into his/her family and community.

Psychosocial Assessment

To evaluate the patient’s individual relationships, social support network and socioeconomic situation, coping mechanisms and degree of distress, understanding of their illness / injury and treatment as well as the capacity to adapt and change.

Support groups

This includes meetings and programmes for patients such as the Breast Cancer Support Group, Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme, Parkinson Support Group and Stroke Self-Management Support Group.

Training and Consultancy

The department also provides training for social work undergraduates, post-graduate and practitioners as well as consultancy services to welfare homes and community services by sitting in management committees of various social service agencies.

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