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Dengue Fever - How to prevent?

Dengue Fever - Diagnosis

Assessment, observation and treatment during hospitalisation
  • Blood tests are done daily to assess the platelet level and blood concentration.
  • Vital signs (eg. pulse rate or blood pressure) are monitored to detect any potential complications of dengue fever.
  • Intravenous fluid (drip) may be required.
  • Platelets or blood transfusion may be given if the spontaneous bleeding.
  • Admission and treatment in high dependency or intensive care unit for artificial ventilation, blood pressure support and other measures may be necessary for patients who are critically ill.
When can you or your child go home?

Current hospital guidelines al low children who are well and have a rising platelet trend or platelet above 80,000 to be discharged. For adults, our doctors will assess each patient and advice on suitability for discharge.

After discharge, a repeat blood test (details included with discharge letter) should be done as and when instructed by your medical team.

A further week of rest at home with no strenuous physical activities may be advised as some patients may feel very tired.

Dengue Fever - Treatments

Dengue Fever - Preparing for surgery

Dengue Fever - Other Information

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