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Chronic Constipation - Symptoms

Most of the time, the cause of constipation is not serious. But, in rare cases, chronic constipation may be a sign of an obstruction or abnormality in the colon. You should seek medical advice if there is a persistent change in your bowel habit for more than 3 weeks - this may either be an increase or decrease in frequency, size of stool or an increased difficulty in passing. The important factor is the change - if you have been passing one time every three days and now pass one time a day, this is not normal. If blood appears in the stool, consult your doctor right away. Your doctor can evaluate you to determine the cause of your constipation and rule out any underlying disorder.

Your doctor may ask you questions like these:

  • How long have you had symptoms?
  • Have you any medical problems, and if yes, what medications are you on?
  • What is your diet like?
  • What is your daily activity like?
  • How often do you need use laxatives or enemas?

Chronic Constipation - How to prevent?

Chronic Constipation - Preparing for surgery

Chronic Constipation - Post-surgery care

Chronic Constipation - Other Information

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