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About TRaCS

The Department of TRaCS, Changi General Hospital, was established to enhance workforce and community resilience through preventive education in mental health.

We support organisations and their employees to develop greater psychological resilience by empowering them through knowledge and skills; thus, promoting a culture of positive mental wellness in the workplace and community.

We are committed to:

  • Enhancing mental health literacy of individuals through their workplace and the community
  • Partnering organisations to develop their ability to respond to critical incidents
  • Supporting organisations to better create a psychologically safe environment for their employees
  • Conducting research into improving the psychological resilience of individuals and organisations

Critical incidents and challenging events are not normal situations. They occur suddenly and unexpectedly. These events can range from large scale disasters, affecting hundreds and thousands of people, or personal incidents, which may impact small groups of individuals. Critical incidents and challenging events cause disruptions to our daily routines, business operations and social activities.

When we are exposed to such incidents and events, we perceive them as threats to our safety or even to disrupt the stability of our world. Most importantly, critical incidents and challenging events bring upon psychological impact to us and our community. The impact of such incidents and events on us, however, is not uniform. Most of us have a base resilience that allows us to cope with the impact. However, a small percentage may need additional support to facilitate their recovery.

TRaCS takes reference from the Resistance, Resilience and Recovery model in the design of our ReXilience® Programme. This model is an outcome-driven continuum of care recommended by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Public Health Preparedness. With the integration of the model with the multi-layered approach in building psychological resistance, TRaCS aims for everyone to gain access to training and resources to cope with and adjust to adversity, as well as proactively search and create options to develop increased competence in dealing with a threat at the self, team and organisational layers.