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HomeCare Assist

HomeCare Assist (HCA) is a patient welfare programme supported by the CGH Health Fund. An integral part of the hospital’s tapestry of patient-centric care, HCA provides interim assistance to needy patients with chronic illnesses or conditions to ensure that they have the means to continue to be cared for in their own homes after discharge from CGH.

Patients on the road to recovery, often require essential consumables and treatment, such as respiratory equipment and dialysis, which can be a financial strain on many families. Without assistance, they may choose to forgo some of these needs. This can worsen their condition. Since its inception, HCA has supported a broad spectrum of needy patients, and with the generosity of donors, is committed to continue to offer assistance to those who need it most.

Your gift to strengthen our community will:

  • Reduce the chances of their health deteriorating and re-admission; ensuring they can recover within the community with ease
  •  Alleviate the financial burden on the patient and family
  • Create an inclusive society for all