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Stories of Inspiration

​Discover the different journeys, personal stories and motivations of our beneficiaries. Every donation you make illuminates thier lives; helping them persevere through thier challenges.

Mr Zainudin2_edited.jpg

​"When I was younger, I used to play soccer as a stopper, and I would go fishing in Malaysia with my friends twice a month. Things have changed now. I have stopped keeping in contact with most of my friends because of my medical conditions and limited mobility.

I have been going for dialysis thrice a week since 2019. Even though it is only for four hours, I take the whole day to recover because I will feel giddy or vomit after each session. It took me a while to get used to not being as active before. I also had to downgrade to a smaller flat to save money as  my wife and I are no  longer working.

I am grateful that HomeCare Assist supported me for dialysis for a few months . It is very expensive."

-Mr Zainudin Bin Abdul Rahman, 66 years old

HomeCare Assist Beneficiary


Mdm Poh_edited.jpg

"I have been suffering from chronic medical issues for many years. When I was in my 30s, I had to stop working because of my health. My only source of income was from the allowance given to me by my sister for taking care of her child. I am always worried about my medical expenses.

In 2019, the doctor told me that my eyesight is failing and that I have renal faliure. I was devestated and very concerned about the cost of surgery and dialysis. I am glad that HomeCare Assist helped me cover the cost of dialysis for an interim period before I was able to recieve longer term assistance, but I am still worried about my future."

-Madam Poh, 53 years old

HomeCare Assist Beneficiary