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Liver Resection - What it is

Liver Resection
Liver resection is the removal of a part of the liver by surgery. Up to 2/3 of your liver can be removed as long as the rest of the liver is healthy.

This operation is mainly to treat liver cancer, certain at risk tumors and selected secondary cancer (e.g. colorectal). Sometimes, liver surgery can be performed for benign conditions like liver abscess and symptomatic liver cysts.

Types of Liver Resections

Historically, liver resections were performed with long cuts on the abdomen. Currently in SGH, about 50% of our liver resection procedures are done with a minimally invasive approach (laparoscopic/robotic). This lessens the pain, minimizes the scar and allows a faster recovery. Your surgeon will discuss with you if a minimally invasive approach is suitable for you.

CT Images of Liver Regenerations

Liver Resection - Symptoms

Liver Resection - How to prevent?

Liver Resection - Causes and Risk Factors

Liver Resection - Diagnosis

Liver Resection - Preparing for surgery

Liver Resection - Post-surgery care

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