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Adrenal disorders - What it is

The adrenal glands are hormone-producing glands. Everyone has two adrenal glands, one above each kidney. These glands produce hormones which are important for many bodily functions, including cortisol, aldosterone, male hormones and adrenaline. 
These hormones are needed to maintain a normal blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte balance, and blood sugar level, especially during times of physical stress.

Adrenal disorders may include adrenal insufficiency, adrenal tumours, or overproduction of adrenal hormones.

Adrenal disorders - Symptoms

Adrenal disorders - How to prevent?

Adrenal disorders - Causes and Risk Factors

Adrenal disorders - Diagnosis

Adrenal disorders - Treatments

Adrenal disorders - Preparing for surgery

Adrenal disorders - Post-surgery care

Adrenal disorders - Other Information

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