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Community Care Disciplines

The Division of Continuity Care Disciplines (CCD) continuously and proactively manages resources to improve patient care outcomes through seamless collaboration among the clinical, operational and administrative departments in the hospital, as well as with the General Practitioners and Community Partners in the Eastern region.

Our division comprises :

Continuity Care

  • Care & Health Integration
  • GP Engagement (Medical)

Community Care

  • Home Medical Service
  • Community Care Programmes
  • ECHO
  • Community Health Post
  • STEPS (Falls Prevention)
  • Community Hearing Clinic
  • Community Mental Health
  • Our Silver Care Hub
  • Tampines Family Medicine Clinic
  • Tampines Community Health Centre
  • GP First
  • STAGE (Spirometry Test At General Practitioner)
  • Health Peers
  • Outpatient to Community
  • Health Management Unit
  • Telehealth Initiatives
  • Hospital to Home (H2H)
  • EAGLECare (Nursing Home)
  • Community Palliative
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • CareLine