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Changi General Hospital (CGH) is a reputable postgraduate medical training institution which offers a nurturing training environment for all learners.

Some of our training programmes include:

SingHealth Residency Programme

CGH is a participating site for the SingHealth Residency Programme and supports the training of the formative SingHealth Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) programme.

The wealth of specialisation opportunities presents a diversity of choice for every learner. Fellow colleagues are united by a strong collective sense of service and purpose for our patients. We aim to provide a holistic, safe and ideal learning environment for every resident coming to CGH.

Download the SingHealth Residency Brochure below or click here for more information.

SingHealth Residency Brochure 2019 [ 14.2MB | PDF ]

For any enquiries, please email us:

Local & Overseas Fellowship Programmes

CGH offers a series of fellowship programmes for local and overseas medical professionals managed the Medical Post-Graduate Office which oversees and manages medical fellowships/clinical hands-off training attachments at CGH. Foreign medical specialists may apply for fellowship/clinical hands-off attachment across CGH.

Clinical Observership (Hands-Off)

The training period is up to a maximum of 28 days.

  • SMC registration is not required. Can engage in observation only.
  • No accreditation of training programme required.
  • Approval from specialty HOD & Director of Medical Education.

Clinical Fellowship

The programme allows for involvement in patient care, writing of case notes, communicating care plans and performing procedures. The training period is up to a maximum of one year and applicants are required to be under direct supervision.

Applicants are required to have:

  • A sponsorship letter from applicant’s own institutions or home country’s governmental bodies.
  • CGH Medical board approval (after specialty HOD & Director of Medical Education has approved).
  • SMC and MOM registration.


CGH Trauma Fellowship [ 1MB | PDF ]

Interested medical professionals may email:

Local Clinical Attachments

This programme is primarily for locally registered practising doctors who wish to gain experience and appreciation of the general work within their specialties, such as newly exited associate consultants ear-marked to provide sub-specialty services on return from the MOH HMDP.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. is a current SMC registered doctor;
  2. is currently practising and under the employment of a local restructured hospital;
  3. produce proof of appropriate current medical insurance;
  4. submit CV and written request for training from the applying specialist’s head of department stating the intended duration of training, sub-specialty area, and supervisor (CGH specialist) requested;
  5. possess three years post-housemanship working experience or postgraduate diploma/degree;
  6. All applicants will be required to go through a credentialing process with the hospital.

Interested medical professionals may email: