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Career Opportunities for Allied Health Professionals


You will be part of a diverse group of healthcare professionals -  Audiologists, Dietitians, Medical Social Worker, Medical/Laboratory Technologist, Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Radiographers, Therapists, and more - providing a wide range of health services to deliver the best patient care possible.

As an Allied Health Professional in CGH, you will be exposed to a wide variety of clinical specialties and opportunities for training and development through on-the-job training, mentorship and job rotations.  Depending on your aspirations, qualifications, and interests, you can choose to develop a clinical specialisation, undertake research, participate in education or move to management track as you progress in your career.  :

  • Career Track 1 – Clinical
    Provide a high standard of clinical care to patients
  • Career Track 2 – Education
    Impart knowledge through teaching/mentoring Allied Health Professionals undergraduates and post graduate
  • Career Track 3 Research
    Improve clinical care through continuous learning and research
  • Career Track 4 – Generalist / Management
    Responsible for directing and supervising clinical care in a section or managing a clinical department / division including participating/leading corporate committees.

Career advancement opportunity within each track is robust and established; driven by performance, competency and organizational needs.

AHP Career Track - Singhealth.png

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