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Assistant Director - Kaneswary D/O Kandasamy

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Kaneswary D/O Kandasamy was walking along a mall as a teenager when she noticed an elderly and frail lady stumble and fall in front of her. As she ran forward to help, the lady’s look of gratitude stirred up the need in her to do something different and rewarding to help people. That was the first time she felt the calling to be a nurse.

Embarking on her career in Nursing 35 years ago, Kaneswary has steadily climbed the ranks from an Enrolled Nurse at the then-Toa Payoh Hospital, to Assistant Director at CGH today, overseeing patient care in the surgical-orthopaedic wards from hospital to home.

Her Nursing Journey

Kaneswary D/O Kandasamy started her nursing career as a Pupil Assistant Nurse or PAN (the equivalent of the current ITE nursing student training) and joined Alexandra Hospital as an Enrolled Nurse upon the completion of her training in 1985. Two years later, she transferred to the then-Toa Payoh Hospital, now known as Changi General Hospital. There, she underwent training to be a Registered Nurse and later on, took an Advanced Diploma in Midwifery, a part-time degree course in Nursing, a Masters in Health Science Management and a Graduate Diploma in Health Care Leadership Management, progressively climbed the nursing ranks to become an Assistant Director, Nursing today.

As an ADON in CGH

As Assistant Director of Nursing, Kaneswary works with the rest of the CGH care team to oversee patient care in the surgical-orthopaedic wards from hospital to home. Issues are highlighted for discussion and decision-making, and improvements projects are carried out to enhance the quality, productivity and safety of patient care.

Her calling to be a Nurse

"I wanted to be a nurse and strongly feel that nursing was the true calling for me. CGH is like my second home, and my supervisors, colleagues and nurses are my one big family. The spirit of camaraderie, teamwork and mutual respect is evident in this organisation, when we work together as one team to ensure patient care and services are rendered to the best of our ability.

I am happy to be part of the healthcare team as a nurse. Nursing has given me many opportunities for growth, development and career progression. The changing landscape in healthcare brings new possibilities and opportunities for anyone who wishes to join Nursing. I am confident that Nursing will continue to provide excellent career prospects for those who have great interest and passion in making a difference in the lives of patients and their family members."