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Meet our Doctors



United Kingdom


Sheffield University, MBChB (Hons) in 1999; BMedSci(Hons) in 1998

Year Hired



Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine

When Dr Barbara Helen Rosario was asked to join Changi General Hospital, she saw a door of opportunity to further her interest in stroke and geriatrics and be closer to her extended family in Asia. Dr Rosario, who has three children, made the choice to relocate to Singapore and to continue her practice at CGH. Her two younger children aged 7 and 11 joined her in Singapore. She is currently in the final stages of completing a post-graduate degree, an MPhil in Neural Mechanisms of Speech Control explored through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at Sheffield University.

Relocating to Singapore

"From Singapore, I can visit my family based in Hong Kong and New Zealand as well as for my children to see their grandparents in Mumbai. More importantly, I love the tropical weather in Singapore and really doesn’t mind the humidity – it beats being cold!”

CGH’s Ethos are Aligned with Her Aspirations

"I have been a Consultant Stroke Physician and a Geriatrician for the last four years, so I was inspired when I learnt about CGH’s plans to address the re-enablement of older people. I felt that the ethos of the hospital was aligned with my own aspirations for care provision. I felt that CGH has a progressive vision concerning the care of older patients which was something I would like to work on and an area close to my heart. CGH’s commitment to work-life balance was also a consideration especially for individuals like myself who have young children."

The Collegial Culture at CGH

There is a strong collegial culture at CGH. You can definitely feel this. In the hospitals at UK, lunch breaks rarely happened but at CGH, the whole team lunches together and I am certain that this contributes to a happy team. When I just started working at CGH, the senior doctors also supported me in learning the new systems and the local nuances that were very important to providing care in a new setting. The administrative staff, who are an amazing asset to my department, also provide good secretariat support. Whenever I walk around the hospital, I just feel that everyone is beaming with friendliness and I like it."

Her One Interesting Incident

When I arrived at CGH with my two children for the first time, a staff at clinical services was shocked that we had walked to the hospital from where we were staying. The distance was about one kilometer. Apparently walking in the heat is not very welcoming in Singapore but I am still encouraging it – just make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen!”



Sheffield University MBChB in 2002

Year Hired

Consultant, General Surgery

For Dr Sulaiman Bin Yusof, coming to Singapore to work was a natural choice as the country, commonly known as the little red dot, was no foreign land to him. Dr Sulaiman is a Malaysian and had studied in a Singapore Secondary School when he was much younger. When he decided to relocate to Singapore and was posted to Changi General Hospital, he found CGH to be just the kind of hospital he likes to work in.

A Suitable Work Pace

"When I started working at CGH, I had a culture shock as the pace of work was much slower back in the UK. However, the culture shock was not for long as I had great colleagues and seniors who were patient and taught me the ropes. Very soon, I was able to adapt to the faster pace of work which I found to be very rewarding. I learnt a lot more things on the job compared to my work in UK! I am definitely growing professionally."

Everyone feels like Family

"When I was preparing for exams for my exits recently, I was grateful that the seniors would take time to help me with my revisions by explaining and giving me with impromptu tutorials and viva sessions out of their own time. There is general camaraderie amongst colleagues and the seniors do not have any airs. This feeling of treating one another like a family member makes me feel really at home, affirming my decision to move to Singapore and join CGH."

Time to Work and Play

"Being in surgery is always hard work but at CGH, I know there will always be time for fun and laughter if I need to unwind. My colleagues in the surgical department make working life fun. When we have time or lighter days, we will make the best of it such as heading out for lunches or perhaps even order lunch in."

"Generally everyone in the department is closely knitted. We have regular departmental gatherings like appreciation dinners for our junior staff before change over and we even have a running club!"

His One Interesting Experience

"When I first came to CGH, I was always in office attire. I realize then that a lot of the doctors like to wear sneakers as we tend to walk a lot! So eventually I was converted. I thought it made more sense too since these shoes offer more comfort after all!"



National University of Ireland MB ChB in 1999

Year Hired

Senior Consultant, Anaesthesia & Surgical Intensive Care

Dr Avinash has a keen interest in anaesthetic pre-assessment and risk stratification. CGH has been very receptive to his ideas and he has been given opportunities to lead the anaesthesia department as well as other departments in adopting those changes.

"I was quite settled in the UK, but once I had my children, the dynamics of family and social life changed. I wanted to be closer to my immediate family in Asia. singapore seemed like the logical choice as it represented the best of both worlds."

What made you choose CGH?

"I had spoken to a few doctors in Singapore before I made the decision to leave UK. I received very positive feedback from those who had worked at CGH. They mentioned that it had a vibrant and relatively young department. The department was embarking on numerous research and efficiency programmes and I found this appealing".

What do you enjoy most about CGH?

"I work in a very supportive department and am surrounded by likeminded peers and colleagues that make coming to work rather pleasant. The work-life balance is good and the department understands the developmental needs of its staff. The department and hospital are keen to embrace new advancements in medicine and I am often introduced to new technologies at work".

What was the transition like?

"It wasn't a huge issue settling into my new life in Singapore. I live very close to the hosptial and the 'condo' life keeps the children fairly busy. Being a cosmopolitan city, food is not an issue and every cuisine is catered for. There is a huge variety of local dishes that the family enjoy. We do not have a car but that is not an issue as the local transportation is very efficient and affordable compared to the UK."