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Career Opportunities

We provide a wealth of training opportunities to enable our nurses to deepen their competencies and gain future-ready skills to fulfil the needs of our country.   Through the different career tracks, our nurses are given opportunities to expand their leadership skills, develop specialised clinical skills, and grow their capabilities in areas such as nursing education, research and informatics.

As a Nurse, you may choose to specialize your career in one of the following tracks:

  • Career Track 1 – Clinical
    Provide a high standard of clinical care to patients
  • Career Track 2 – Education
    Impart knowledge through teaching/mentoring nursing undergraduates and post graduates
  •  Career Track 3 Research
    Identify areas to Improve clinical nursing care through continuous learning and research
  • Career Track 4 – Management
    Responsible for directing and supervising clinical care in a section or managing a clinical department / division including participating and leading corporate committees
  • Career Track 5 – Informatics
    Finding innovative ways to improve care delivery by leveraging on technology

Career advancement opportunity within each track is robust and established; driven by performance, competency and organizational needs.

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