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A One-Stop Resource

Patients, caregivers, and members of the public can now consult SingHealth RheumConnect, the newest chatbot by Changi General Hospital (CGH), for information on various autoimmune diseases and arthritis conditions.

Designed to aid our understanding of arthritis and systemic rheumatic diseases, and medications used in the management of these conditions, SingHealth RheumConnect has a symptom-checker for users to check if their symptoms could be a sign of an autoimmune condition, and recognise when to seek professional medical advice. Some of these symptoms can result in severe organ damage or disabilities if not diagnosed early.

“Young people tend to brush aside musculoskeletal symptoms because they feel that arthritis only happens to older adults. Likewise, the elderly are inclined to attribute their symptoms to ageing, which may not always be the case,” explains Clinical Assistant Professor Anindita Santosa, Consultant, Department of Rheumatology, CGH, and team lead for the project. “We wanted to provide an interactive platform for people to check if their symptoms are potentially any cause for concern, even while they are on the go.”


Do not ignore symptoms — especially if they last for more than two weeks and worsen over time! Early diagnosis and treatment are more likely to result in better outcomes.

Consult your primary healthcare provider for a preliminary assessment. Your doctor will determine if specialist consultations are necessary.

Refer to reliable sources of information such as official healthcare institutions and established patient welfare organisation websites.

A One-Stop Resource