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Issue 3

Caring Magazine

The realities of renal care

Gain a deeper understanding of our kidneys and their functions and how Changi General Hospital's multidisciplinary team cares for patients with kidney conditions.
Caring Magazine

Enhancing mental wellness in the community

CGH’s Health Wellness Programme brings mental health care for patients closer to home.
Caring Magazine

Nursing and nurturing across decades

CGH’s Assistant Director of Nursing Liu Li Chu’s transformative work in nursing over 40 years
Caring Magazine

Remembering a sister

Colleagues of former CGH Senior Staff Nurse Brenda Natura share memories of her as a person and a colleague.
Caring Magazine

Empowering immunity

Find out more about vaccinations and the infections they combat.
Caring Magazine

Healing the community beyond the hospital

CGH’s Correctional Health care team provides a unique side of healthcare for inmates.