Publish Date: 05 Jan 2021 12:00 AM
Closing Date: 26 Jan 2021 03:00 PM

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Reference No.CGH2020/CFC/C009239 & C009240



Currently, ward nurses in CGH are spending considerable time in searching for and retrieval of stocks from stores. The problem is exacerbated when the stocks and supplies are placed in stores far away from the patients' bedside. 

As such, CGH has piloted a hub and spoke model, within 1 ward. The hub and spoke model essentially creates a cabinet bay holding area for supplies ("spoke") near the nurses' station where supplies stored in these cabinets are "just-in-time" and within reach for the nurses when they perform their treatment on patients. The depleted stocks cabinets in the "spoke" are then exchanged manually with fully stocked stocks cabinet from the utility Store in the ward ("Hub").

In order to ensure the stocks are always available at the nurses' station, our backend logistics staff will have to push the stocked cabinets from the hub to the spoke manually, on a regular basis. While doing so, they will also do stock take and record the items needed for replenishment for the depleted stock cabinet. Although, CGH employs an enterprise data entry system for its logistics management, the entire process is manual and require considerable time. There is also a lack of real-time information regarding the stock level as the utilisation of stocks in the wards can be very dynamic and fast.

​Thus, this CFC is to co-create a supplies distribution system to support the hub and spoke model in 1 ward, thereby achieving just-in-time delivery and reducing effort needed by our backend logistics staff to bring the stocks closer to our care team.

Publish Date (MM/DD/YYYY)22 December 2020, 12:00PM
Closing Date (MM/DD/YYYY)26 January 2021, 3:00PM
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Briefing Date: Friday, 08 January 2021

Time: 1430 hours (to be confirmed)

Venue: Changi General Hospital

2 Simei Street 3, Singapore 629889

CHART building at CGH (building opposite CGH along Simei Ave)

All parties interested to attend the briefing are to register by email to

Subject: RSVP Hub and Spoke Supplies Distribution System, (ward based) in Changi General Hospital CFC no later than 12:00pm on 06 January 2021.

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