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Counselling for Organisations



Employee Counselling Service (ECS)
​Target AudienceOrganisations that are interested to provide access to additional counselling services for employees beyond what is offered in the workplace.

The Employee Counselling Service is an annual retainer service for a fixed number of face-to-face counselling sessions for employees to seek professional psychological assistance for work-related and personal issues.

The Employee Counselling Service is provided by counsellors from the Department of TRaCS at Changi General Hospital.

Counselling Sessions

  • The Employee Counselling Service is available from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm (excluding public holidays), and by appointment only.
  • Each session lasts up to 60 minutes and is performed in accordance with CGH’s prevailing regulations.
  • The organisation will receive a quarterly report on the number of sessions utilised. This report does not include the names of the employees, nor any other employee information that may identify the employee.
  • The organisation will be informed when 50 per cent of the sessions contracted has been utilised. The organisation may purchase additional ad-hoc sessions at prevailing hospital rates; and/ or initiating a new Agreement for Provision of Services to be drafted.
Mode of Delivery
  • Face-to-face Counselling
  • Video Counselling (offered only after the initial face-to-face counselling session

Please note that the Employee Counselling Service is strictly confidential. This includes content discussed over the employee counselling helpline and during face-to-face counselling sessions, as well as the identity of the organisation’s employees.

For more information on Employee Counselling Services for your organisation, please drop us an email at with your name, contact number and organisation name. We aim to respond to your query within 3 working days.