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Visiting a Specialist


Our team of specialists at Changi General Hospital provide outpatient specialised medical care at our clinics.

As part of our heightened surveillance and to reduce risk of infection, there is to be no more than one designated visitor per patient.

Click here to find out more about COVID-19 vaccinations for outpatients at Changi General Hospital.


Our Specialist Clinics are located at the Main Building, the Integrated Building and the Medical Centre. To find your way to the clinics, please click here.

Make, Change or Cancel an Appointment

To see a specialist, you have to first make an appointment.

To make, change or cancel an appointment with our Specialist Clinics, you may:

Appointment Centre Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
8:30am - 5:30pm
8:30am - 12:30pm
Sunday and Public Holidays

If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, please give us a call to inform us.

Clinic Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday (For certain clinics only)
8:30am - 12:30pm
Sunday and Public Holidays

If you require medical attention urgently, our Accident and Emergency Department is open 24 hours daily.

Patient Classification

If you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, you can enjoy SOC treatment with government subsidies if you:

  • Do not choose your specialist, and
  • Are referred by a polyclinic, or
  • Are referred by a public hospital where you were a subsidised patient, or
  • Are a CHAS cardholder referred by your CHAS doctor.

Otherwise, you will be classified as a private patient.

Subsidised Patients          

Patients may not be attended to by the same doctor for every visit. Should the patient request for his/her preferred doctor, he/she may do so with the understanding that he/she will be charged as a private patient.

Private Patients          

On occasions where your preferred doctor may be unavailable due to some emergency, another doctor will be assigned to relieve him/her. We apologise for this occasional inconvenience, and are happy to re-schedule your appointment at your request. Patients are classified as 'private' as long as the doctor is requested for by name, regardless of their source of referral.

Non-residents who are classified as private patients are subjected to a 20% surcharge, which will be levied on all investigations and treatment procedures.

Outpatient Consultation Charges

For a schedule of charges, please click here.

What to Bring

For the first visit, please bring along your doctor’s referral letter if you are referred by your doctor to see a specialist in CGH.

For each visit, you are required to produce the original form of your Identity Card, Employment Pass, Work Permit, Letter of Guarantee and Medical Benefits Card, where applicable. Kindly produce the documents/cards to our staff at registration and billing. Certain benefit schemes require co-payment by the patient and this may be deducted from your salary.

Registering for a Visit at the Specialist Clinic

When you arrive at the hospital/clinic, please register at the Self-Registration Kiosk . You will be given a Q- number ticket.

Alternatively, you may register using your mobile phone via the SingHealth HealthBuddy App.

Please inform the counter staff of any changes in your address and/or contact numbers.

After registration, please take a seat or browse through the reading materials provided at the clinics. Some of our clinics are also equipped with basic medical devices for you to check your own health e.g. blood pressure kit, height and weight instruments etc. Please feel free to give them a try. Let our staff know if you need assistance.

The Q-System screen will prompt you when it is your turn. Kindly proceed to the consultation room as indicated.

Waiting Time

Occasionally, you may have to wait for more than 30 minutes before being seen by the doctor. This happens when doctors are busy attending to emergencies in the operating theatres or wards or if consultations of patients ahead of you take longer due to complications. There will also be situations whereby you may have to wait for your laboratory results to be ready.

After Consultation

Book Your Next Appointment, Confirm Medication Order and Make Payment

  • Book your next appointment should you require a follow-up consultation. The appointment details will be noted on your Appointment List.
  • Confirm medication order (if any).
  • Make payment for the clinic visit and medication where applicable. You may make payment for the medical consultation using SingHealth HealthBuddy App if you are eligible for mobile pay.

Collect Your Medicine

  • Proceed to the Pharmacy at Level 1 to collect the medicine your doctor has prescribed for you.

Collect Your Medical Certificate

  • We now issue digital copies of medical certificates. Click here to find out more.