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Our Services

Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis

We conduct detailed assessment of patients’ gait and biomechanics to identify abnormalities in foot structure and function during standing, walking, running and non-weight bearing.

Appropriate treatment plan will be formulated based on assessment findings.

We provide appropriate footwear recommendations specific to activity, foot function and foot type.

Diabetic Foot Management

Our podiatrists perform diabetic foot screenings, inclusive of a neurovascular assessment, to determine patients’ risk of developing foot wounds. We will also educate patients on foot care and footwear.

General Foot and Nail Care

Treatment for pathological conditions of the skin and nails of the foot, such as callus, corns, ingrown toenail, fungal nails and viral plantar warts.

Our podiatrists also educate patients on self-management of these conditions.

Lower Limb Wound Care and Management

Our podiatrists are trained to provide detailed wound assessment, remove dead and unhealthy tissue from wounds with different modalities and apply appropriate simple and advanced wound dressings. We also provide ultrasound electrical stimulation therapy as an adjunct therapy for wound healing if prescribed by Doctors.

Offloading of wounds on the soles of feet is crucial for wound healing. Our podiatrists are trained to assess the foot structure and gait, and apply appropriate offloading devices to facilitate wound healing or prevent recurrence of wound.

We also provide Total Contact Casting for wound management.

Orthotics Prescription

We prescribe over-the-counter and customised insoles for various foot conditions.

Customised orthotics are tailored to patients’ specific conditions based on our assessment findings.

We prescribe functional orthotics to control foot function and accommodative orthotics for rigid foot types that require pressure redistribution.

Sports Podiatry

Our podiatrists also see patients at our Sports Medicine Centre where we perform biomechanical assessments, walking and running gait analyses to identify and manage pain and injuries resulting from sports.