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Vitamins and minerals Adult, Children

Calcium - What is it for

Calcium is a type of mineral naturally found in some foods that helps the body make strong bones and teeth. It is usually available in combination with Vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption. Calcium and Vitamin D aid in osteoporosis and fracture prevention.

Calcium may also be used as a dietary supplement in individuals who are unable to obtain sufficient calcium in their regular diet, or in those who have an increased calcium needs, such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and adolescents.

In chronic kidney disease (CKD), calcium salts are used to bind and reduce phosphate absorption from food. This in turn lowers phosphate levels in the body, thereby preventing the progression of bone disorder and other complications in CKD. 

View the following leaflets from National Kidney Foundation Singapore (NKFS) about how to manage phosphate levels:

Calcium - Additional Information

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