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Veneers - What it is

​Veneers are thin, custom-made shells made of tooth-coloured materials. They are designed to cover the front and sides of teeth to improve the overall appearance of teeth, and are made of either thin plastic resin or porcelain.

Veneers are placed to:

  • Correct poorly-formed or mildly-malpositioned teeth
  • Close minor gaps between teeth
  • Mask internal stains
  • Restore partially broken-down teeth

Veneers - Symptoms

Veneers - How to prevent?

Veneers - Causes and Risk Factors

Veneers - Diagnosis

Veneers - Treatments

​Tooth preparation is minimal and confined to the enamel structure. The veneer is bonded to the tooth structure with tooth-coloured resin cement. Like crowns, several visits are necessary to complete treatment.

Patients should be aware that this is usually an irreversible process, because it is necessary to remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to accommodate the veneer.

The appearance of teeth can be corrected by porcelain veneers - Veneers Treatment

Veneers - Preparing for surgery

Veneers - Post-surgery care

Veneers - Other Information

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