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Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Tooth)

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Tooth) - Symptoms

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Tooth) - Causes and Risk Factors

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Tooth) - Diagnosis

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Tooth) - Preparing for surgery

Tooth Avulsion (Knocked-out Tooth) - Post-surgery care

Post-Trauma Care

There are a few things that can help to optimize healing of the replanted tooth in the first few weeks. These include:

  • Avoiding participation in contact sports.
  • Soft diet for up to 2 weeks. You may resume normal function thereafter.
  • Brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush after each meal.
  • Using a chlorhexidine mouth rinse twice a day for up to 2 weeks.

Replanted teeth should be monitored by your dentist in regular intervals. Root canal treatment will be required in teeth that are fully formed or when the tooth develops pulp necrosis.


When a tooth is avulsed, there is damage to the pulp within the tooth, and the periodontal ligament which surrounds the tooth.

Pulpal death (necrosis) usually occurs after an avulsion injury to a fully formed permanent tooth. Root canal treatment will then be necessary to remove the infected pulp tissue. In a tooth that is incompletely formed, pulpal healing may occur if the conditions are optimal.

During avulsion, the tooth is "separated" from the socket due to the tearing of the periodontal ligament. There may be damage to the root surface due to the crushing or scraping of the tooth against the socket. This results in inflammation of the root surface which may result in ankylosis or root resorption of the tooth. Severe root resorption that cannot be resolved may result in the eventual loss of the tooth. Hence, a replanted tooth should be monitored by your dentist at regular intervals so as to monitor the condition of the tooth and to advise on future treatment options if necessary.

ankylosis of tooth
Ankylosis of tooth

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