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Spondyloarthritis - Symptoms

In spondyloarthritis, there is inflammation of the spine, joints and entheses. If it involves fingers and toes, they may swell and take the appearance of ‘sausage digits’.

All of these diseases display a variety of symptoms and signs, but they share many similarities, including

  • sacroiliitis (inflammation of the joint between the pelvis and the spine) and spondylitis (inflammation of the joints between the spine)
  • presence of enthesitis (inflammation of an entheses) (defined above)
  • absence of positive blood test for rheumatoid factor (‘seronegative’)
  • a tendency to occur in more than one family member.

Diagnosis on Symptoms

It is important that you give a detailed history of your symptoms to your doctor as, often, the diagnosis can be made based on your symptoms. Specifi c symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis include stooped posture and back pain that is worse at night, in the morning or after inactivity.

Neck, hip and heel pain, pain and swelling in the shoulders, knees and ankles, stiff ness in the back, limited chest expansion and range of motion involving the spine and hips, fatigue, mild fever, loss of appetite, loss of weight are also symptoms. Other uncommon complications include eye inflammation, lung fibrosis and disease of heart valves.

Spondyloarthritis - Preparing for surgery

Spondyloarthritis - Post-surgery care

Spondyloarthritis - Other Information