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Spine and Spinal Disorders

Spine and Spinal Disorders - What it is

​The spinal column spreads the body weight from the head to the pelvis and protects the spinal cord. It consists of bony vertebrae connected together by cartilage-like structures (discs) and ligaments (Figure 1).

  • Degenerative Disease of the Spine (Spondylosis)

The spine is subjected to wear and tear like all joints in the body, which changes the structure. Degeneration of
the disc may cause it to bulge and compress the spinal cord or nerves.

  • Tumours of the Spine

These may include tumours of the spinal column or the spinal cord (Figure 2). Tumours may be primary (originating from the spine) or secondary (spread from other sites like the lung or breast).

Figure 2 Tumour compressing the spinal cord

  • Spinal Trauma

Injuries to the spine are common in road traffic and diving accidents and falls from height.

脊柱将体重从头部分散到骨盆,并保护脊髓。脊柱由通过软骨样组织 (椎间盘) 连接在一起的骨性椎骨以及韧带组成(图1)。


  • 脊椎退行性疾病 (Spondylosis)


  • 脊椎肿瘤

脊椎肿瘤包括脊柱肿瘤或脊髓肿瘤(图2)。肿瘤可能 是原发性的(源于脊椎)或由其它部位如前列腺、肺和乳房扩散而来。

图2 脊椎肿瘤

  • 脊椎外伤


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