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Slipping Rib Syndrome - Diagnosis

​As slipping rib syndrome (SRS) has similar symptoms to other conditions, your doctor may arrange for scans or tests such as a computed tomography (CT) scan before confirming the diagnosis.

As scans for an individual with SRS may appear normal, your doctor may also perform a specialised bedside examination, called a ‘Hook Manoeuvre’ test.

Hook Manoeuvre nhcs physio
(Above) A ‘Hook Manoeuvre’ can test whether a patient is suffering from slipping rib syndrome.

The test requires the patient to lie flat on his or her back, and the doctor or physiotherapist will place his or her fingers along the edge of the last rib and lift upwards and towards the head of the patient. The test is positive if it causes the patient to experience the same sharp pain or produce a ‘pop’ sound as the rib moves.

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