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Myelofibrosis - Treatments

Issues in patients with myelofibrosis include:

  • Anaemia
    Treatment for anaemia includes danazol, erythropoietin, immunomodulatory agents (iMiDs) and blood transfusion
  • High blood counts: hydroxyurea, anagrelide, PEGylated interferon
  • Enlarged spleen: JAK inhibitors (ruxolitinib), radiotherapy to the spleen, splenectomy
  • Constitutional symptoms such as fatigue and night sweats: ruxolitinib
For younger patients with advanced or poor risk myelofibrosis, allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant may be a consideration because transplant is the only treatment that can potentially cure myelofibrosis. 

SGH has extensive expertise in treating MPNs.  As the largest hospital in Singapore treating MPNs, it is a one stop comprehensive care centre with clinical and laboratory facilities for diagnosis and monitoring of treatment. We offer state of the art therapies with the possibility of participation in local and international clinical trials.  Patients receive holistic care, individualized to their condition and preferences.

Myelofibrosis - Preparing for surgery

Myelofibrosis - Post-surgery care

Myelofibrosis - Other Information

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