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Multiple Myeloma - Causes and Risk Factors

​There is no specific cause for myeloma, but some factors that can increase the risk of myeloma include:

  • Age – Myeloma is more common in people over the age of 55 and increases with age such that over the age of 80 years up to 5% of patients may have myeloma.
  • Gender – Males are slightly more likely to develop myeloma compared to females.
  • Repeated exposure to toxic elements such as agricultural chemicals or pesticides, and petrochemicals are thought to increase the risk of Myeloma.
  • Exposure to DNA damaging ionising radiation or chemotherapeutic agents
  • Obesity is a common risk factor for several forms of cancers, including Myeloma
People with a first degree relative (a parent, sibling, or child) with Myeloma are nearly two times more likely to develop it compared to the general population

Multiple Myeloma - Preparing for surgery

Multiple Myeloma - Post-surgery care

Multiple Myeloma - Other Information

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