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Head Injury (Child) - What it is



Advice For The Caregiver

Instruction to parents or caregivers for observation at home of children with head injury:

Bring the child immediately to the emergency department if any of the following signs and symptoms appear within the first 72 hours after discharge.
•Any unusual behaviour not considered normal for your child
•Confusion about familiar names and places
•Worsening or persistent headache
•Seizures ("Fits")
•Unsteady gait (not able to walk normally or steadily)
•Unusual drowsiness (feeling sleepy all the time)
•Inability to wake your child from sleep
•Persistent Vomiting
•Double or blurred vision
•Bleeding or watery discharge from the ear or nose

Avoid giving your child any medication that may cause drowsiness (or sleepiness) unless instructed by your doctor.

Head Injury (Child) - Symptoms

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Head Injury (Child) - Other Information

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