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Gum Surgery - What it is

Crown Lengthening Surgery

Why do I need this?
This surgery aims to expose more of your tooth so that a proper crown or filling can be done. 

Gum surgery to lengthen tooth crown - National Dental Centre Singapore

In certain cases, this surgery is also done to obtain a more pleasing and even gum line. 

Gum surgery to adjust gum line for more natural broad smile - NDCS

What does it involve?

  1. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia.
  2. Excess gums are trimmed and adjusted.
  3. The bone surrounding the teeth is assessed and any excess bone is trimmed if necessary.
  4. Stitches are then placed to put the gums back together. A dressing may be placed to help keep the gums in the "new" position. 

Gum Surgery - Symptoms

Gum Surgery - How to prevent?

Gum Surgery - Diagnosis

Gum Surgery - Treatments

Gum Surgery - Other Information

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