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Glaucoma - Diagnosis

Glaucoma is diagnosed by measuring intraocular pressure of the eye and assessing the optic nerve at the back of the eye for any damage. A visual field test is usually performed and other tests can be added to further assess the optic nerve and the state of the drainage system for fluid in the eye.

The visual field test assesses the function of the optic nerve by checking if you can see spots of light of different intensities at different locations inside a visual field machine. It helps the ophthalmologist determine if your disease is worsening or stable.

Visual field test:

  • To perform well, stare at the central marker and do not look elsewhere.
  • Press the button only if you see a spot of light.
  • Hold the button in a depressed position if you need to rest or pause the test.
  • If you are tired or unwell, do let the technician know.

Glaucoma - Preparing for surgery

Glaucoma - Post-surgery care

Glaucoma - Other Information

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