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Flat Feet - What it is

Flat foot does not usually cause problems.

"Do I have flat feet?" is a common question asked by patients.

You've probably come across or heard about the terms "flat feet" or "pes planus" (to apply the correct medical terminology). These terms are often used by patients, shop assistants and health care professionals, but what do they mean?

Typically, in a non "flat-footed" individual, the arch of th e foot is usually raised off the ground when the person is standing. If the foot arch is low or inexistent, the person is said to have "flat feet" or sometimes, "fallen arches".

Pes planus tends to be a very common condition in the Asian population with estimates suggesting that it occurs in around 1-in-5 individuals.

Flat Feet - How to prevent?

Flat Feet - Preparing for surgery

Flat Feet - Post-surgery care

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