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Face-Lift (rhytidectomy)

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - What it is

A face-lift, or rhytidectomy, is a procedure that reduces sagging or folds of skin at the cheeks and jawline. The typical patient presents with wrinkles, or fat that has drooped to a lower position on the face, or excess of both skin and fat in the face. A face-lift can improve several areas of the face, jawline, and part of the neck at the same time, to give you a firmer and younger appearance.

If you have a lot of neck skin or fatty excess, you may require an additional neck lift procedure through a separate neck incision to further tighten and improve your neck appearance. Your surgeon may also recommend other procedures at the same time to address other aged features of your face, such as eyelid surgery, a brow lift, filler injection, or fat grafting.

A face-lift will not decrease fine creases, wrinkles or pigmentation in your skin. These require other cosmetic procedures to address the appearance and quality of your skin (non-surgical procedures).

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - Symptoms

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - How to prevent?

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - Causes and Risk Factors

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - Diagnosis

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - Preparing for surgery

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - Post-surgery care

Face-Lift (rhytidectomy) - Other Information

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