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Essential Tremor - Causes and Risk Factors

  • What causes essential tremor?

The cause of essential tremor is unknown. However, some researchers believe that the condition is due to the lack of communication between the part of the brain that controls muscle coordination (cerebellum), and other parts of the brain.

About half of essential tremor cases are related to a genetic mutation. If one of your parents has a genetic mutation, the chances of you developing the disorder is 50% higher.

  • What worsens essential tremor?

Certain medicines such as corticosteroids, lithium, cyclosporine, valproate etc., caffeine, alcohol or stress can worsen your tremors.

  • Given that genetic mutation is a risk factor for essential tremors, should I go for genetic testing? Is it available?

Although the majority of essential tremor cases are hereditary, researchers have yet to identify any gene mutation that accounts for the development of the condition. Hence, genetic testing is not available currently.

Essential Tremor - Other Information

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