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Epiblepharon - What it is

Epiblepharon refers to an in-turning of the eyelashes in the presence of a normal eyelid position. This condition is typically seen in children and young adults of Asian descent. Affected patients have an abnormal congenital horizontal fold of skin near the upper or lower eyelid. This causes the eyelid lashes to be directed towards the eye surface. The constant rubbing of the lashes against the cornea can cause irritation of the cornea and lead to red eyes. In some cases, the cornea may even become scratched and scarred.

epiblepharon causes eyelashes touching cornea
Upper and lower lid lashes touching the cornea

epiblepharon causes eyelashes rubbing against cornea
Lashes rubbing against the cornea causing scratches

Epiblepharon - How to prevent?

Epiblepharon - Causes and Risk Factors

Epiblepharon - Diagnosis

Epiblepharon - Preparing for surgery

Epiblepharon - Post-surgery care

Epiblepharon - Other Information

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