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Ebstein's Anomaly - What it is

​Ebstein's Anomaly is a congenital heart defect involving the right-sided valve (tricuspid valve), which opens from the right atrium (top chamber) to the right ventricle (bottom chamber). The tricuspid valve is abnormally formed, with one or two of the three leaflets being stuck lower than its usual place on the right atrium. In normal circumstances, the tricuspid valve allows blood to flow one way from right atrium to the right ventricle. If tricuspid leaflets are malformed, then blood may leak backward to the right atrium (regurgitation).

ebstein's anomaly versus normal heart illustration

Ebstein's Anomaly - How to prevent?

Ebstein's Anomaly - Preparing for surgery

Ebstein's Anomaly - Post-surgery care

Ebstein's Anomaly - Other Information

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